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About Us

Welcome to Little Bit of This Gifting Co., we are stoked that you're here with us!

Little Bit of This was founded in early 2022. It all started with a desire to have a creative outlet and to encourage engagement with local businesses; and it was seen through to fruition due to inspiring community connections made along the way.

Founder Liz from Mill Park in Melbourne, Victoria, always wanted to be a small business owner. When deciding where to start with that goal, Liz considered a few things. What was she good at? What was she passionate about? What did she enjoy most? The same answer came up again and again - gifting. Liz is a thoughtful, passionate gift-giver who always gifts with heart and consideration; it's definitely her major love language. Feeling let down by a lot of other gift box businesses in terms of quality and substance, she decided it was time to enter the scene with a major focus on shopping locally.

Naming 'Little Bit of This' was helpfully done with the help of a dear friend, Susie; who listened to Liz's initial ideas and brilliantly suggested perhaps the most appropriate name possible. Little Bit of This is indeed, "a little bit of this, and a little bit of that". We are lovers of food, wellness, beauty, relaxation, and all things beautiful.

By 'we', Liz refers to her incredibly supportive husband and official LBOT logistics coordinator, Matt. Through all the brainstorming, doubts, small wins and late nights, Matt has been an avid supporter of LBOT and has worked alongside Liz with unwavering gusto and encouragement. While Liz makes the big decisions and keeps things looking good, Matt oversees the spreadsheets, data and 'techy' things. 'On ya, Matty!

All the products you find in Little Bit of This gift boxes have been tried and tested by us, and some are staples in our own daily lives. We found a lot of these businesses at local markets, one of our all-time favourite ways to shop! Some of the brands we stock are national icons in their field, while others are small side hustles looking to grow. Something they all have in common however, is that they're Victorian. Little Bit of This will always endorse, support and encourage local businesses in Victoria. Big or small, old or new, shopping local is better for the environment and better for our communities.

Thank you so much for being here. Whether you make a purchase from LBOT or not, taking any interest in a small business always means the world to the people who run them. We always like to remind people that the best way to support a small business are often free! Positive reviews, social media content engagement, and word of mouth all cost nothing, but mean everything.

Wherever and whoever you are, we hope you have a lovely day, friend! If you have questions, ideas or thoughts you'd like to share, please reach out to us, we'll be so glad to help. Take care.

About Us: Welcome
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